Analog Pneumatic Ball Valve

The ball valve has a motion of 90 degrees of rotation, and the body of the faucet is a sphere, with a circular through hole or passageway through its axis. The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the direction of the medium flow.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves is widely used to to regulate and cut off the flow of medium, and suitable for conveying coal slime, urban drainage systems, sewage, seawater, gas, CNG, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, various corrosive and non-corrosive fluid medium in the pipeline of chemical smelting, power generation and other engineering systems.

Electrohydraulic Knife Gate Valve

The electrohydraulic knife gate valve is a kind of valve form, adopted motor driven hydraulic oil that acts on rod and moves up and down movement. Its main features are: The valve plate can run steady when the valve is opened or closed; Moreover, the power of hydraulic pressure is great, then this hydraulic valve is extremely effective when it is used in installing under great resistance.

Lift Check Valve

The lift check valve refers to a valve that automatically opens and closes the disc by the flow of the medium itself, and is used to prevent the back flow of the medium. It is also called a check valve, a one-way valve, a non-return valve and a back pressure valve.

Manual Knife Gate Valve

The manual knife gate valve is mainly applied to coal washing plant or mineral processing plant Pipeline which can make switching time unrestricted or installed in spare valve which can make overhaul easily.

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

The PKGV pneumatic knife gate valve is mainly applied to the required rapid two way switch control pipeline, which needs 3-10 seconds of opening and closing time. Working Air pressure of PKGV should be above 0.6Mpa, otherwise the valve plate will not move or move slowly.

Swing Check Valve

Swing check valve, also known as one-way valve or non-return valve, is used to prevent the backflow of media in the pipeline. The opening and closing parts are opened or closed on the basis of medium flow and force. The valve that prevents the back-flow of medium is called the check valve. Check valve belongs to automatic valves.