Mineral Process Metallurgical Test

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Mineral process metallurgical test is main basis for mineral processing design. Mineral process metallurgical test not only has direct impact on rational determination of the process, equipment model selection, product plan, technical and economic indicators and etc, but also shows great importance, it’s the basis of whether the mineral processing plant can reach design requirement and obtain economic benefits after being put into production.

When You Need to Do Mineral Process Metallurgical Test?

1. The small-scale laboratory process test is usually carried out after the completion of deposit geological exploration, before the feasibility study stage of preliminary design stage.

2. Preparation for mineral process metallurgical test: 50kg representative samples, some special samples about 200kg~1000kg.

3. What’s the content of mineral process metallurgical test?

It focuses on experimental study and analysis about mineral ore characteristics, mineral process method and technology, process structure, mineral processing indicators, process condition and products(including some intermediate products), and should be tested and compared with two or more programs.

4. Features of Mineral Process Metallurgical Test

* Test scale is small

* Less test sample is required

* Less consumption of labour and material

* Easy to mix sample materials

* Index is easy to control if tested in several batches

5. Mineral Process Metallurgical Test Procedure

5.1 Research about mineral process metallurgical test method.

As the development of mineral process metallurgical test technology, there’re many kinds of method to treat a kind of mineral ore. Thus we should conduct multiple schemes comparison test and select a reasonable process method according to the mineral ore property, client’s requirement for product quality and construction condition.

5.2 Select the mineral process flowsheet.

The multi-scheme test should be carried out on the mineral process method, process flow and selection conditions, and then suggest and select the mineral process flow based on comparative test of 1-2 schemes. The recommended process should include reasonable grinding fineness, concentration/grade/ partial yield/total yield and recovery/process condition/water flow quantity of each work or product.

5.3 Analysis of mineral process product.

Chemical analysis, particle size analysis, phase analysis, and determination of mechanical and physical properties (such as density, bulk density, angle of repose, moisture, etc.) for concentrates, mines, and tailings products. When necessary, spectral analysis, chemical analysis, assay analysis, phase analysis, particle size analysis and rock and mineral identification should be done for certain feeding and product, in order to illustrate the following problems:

1) The reason why the concentrate grade is not high, the recovery rate is low, the harmful components cannot be lowered, and the middle mine is difficult to select.

2) Enrichment direction of some companion generation points that can be comprehensively recovered.

3) The recovery and selection depth of different minerals for certain mineral processing operations and the adoption of certain new technologies.