Mine Shaft Hoist System

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Product Introduction

The mine shaft hoist system (mine winder) is wildly used in underground coal mine, metal mine and non-metal mine for lifting underground personnel, ores, materials, and equipment, with the features of safety and efficiency, no matter in inclined shaft, or in vertical shaft.

Technical Parameters






Hoist type

Single rope double drum winding hoist





Drum diameter




Drum width




Wire rope static tension




Wire rope diameter




Hoisting speed




Deduction ratio



Motor rotating speed




Motor power

250kW 415V 50Hz


Hoisting sheave




Electronic control type

Low voltage frequency converting control

Configuration Introduction

1.Main Frame

Two sections (4 petals) are adopted for drum in axial and radial directions. Some parts adopts assembly structure, using the high strength bolts to put together when assembling on site. The drum liner is welded by 16Mn structural steel plate and adopts whole annealing process, which can eliminate the welding stress of the drum; In order to arrange the wire rope neatly and reduce the wear of the wire rope, the plastic lining is installed on the outer side of the drum. The plastic lining is generally assembled on the drum in the manufacturing plant, bearing the weight of the whole spindle, the external load and the transfer of all torque. The material is made of carbon alloy steel 45MnMo after forging.Adopting heat treatment to achieve the mechanical properties required by the design, should have sufficient strength and stiffness.Preface encoder interface for spindle end.

2.Planetary Reducer

Planetary gear reducer, reduction ratio I=22.4, which is a large torque reducer specially designed for mine winder. It can transmit large torque and withstand impact load. The gear material uses low carbon alloy steel: 20CrNiMo. After carburizing and quenching treatment, the hardness of the tooth surface reaches the national standard grade 8, the carburized layer depth is 5 - 7mm. Adopting rolling bearing to assembly, with advantages of low transmission resistance, low noise, simple maintenance and convenience. The gears are controlled by CNC gear grinding process with high accuracy, good contact and smooth operation.

The matched lubricant pump is used on reducer, the old lubricant station is eliminated, which is only used above 1000KW.

3.Disc Brake

disc-brake-device-braking-system-mine-shaft-hoist-system-mine-winder-helius-tech serena

Disc brake device and hydraulic station constitute the braking system of mine hoist, which is used to realize the working brake and safety brake of winder.The rear disc brake with rear - mounted oil cylinder has the advantages of small inertia, fast motion, high adjustable performance, high versatility, simple foundation, convenient maintenance and adjustment, safe and reliable brake, and solved the problem of oil leakage.When winder is working braking and emergency braking , its drive and control are completed by a separate hydraulic station, with a locking function to repair the brake and a cut-off valve on each brake. When the brake is overhauled, it can be carried out every single one.

4.Depth Indicator

The depth indicator is an indicator display device which is used to mark the position of the hoist in the process of lifting. It is a transmission device that changes linearly through gear conversion.

5.Motor Brake

This product is equipped with a planetary gear reducer. In order to reduce the impact on the gear of the planetary reducer when starting, stopping or emergency braking, the motor brake is specially installed at the coupling between the motor and the reducer.

6.Gear Coupling

The gear coupling is adopted in the low speed reducer and the main shaft of the hoist.Because gears adopts internal and external meshing, the transmission torque is large and compensates for the micro deflection and non concentric function of the two axes during installation. The difficulty of installation and the maintenance work is reduced.

7.Elastic Rod Pin Coupling

The elastic rod pin coupling is adopted at high speed level. Because of the use of elastic element and integral shaeath structure, it not only reduces the impact load in starting and stopping, but also ensures the reliability of the connection of the 2 half-coupling, and the field maintenance is small.

8.Intelligent Electrical Control System

The electric control system is adopted the networked AC electronic control system. The control part adopts the dual PLC control, the stator circuit adopts the vacuum contact to carry on the positive or backward direction, or DC brake, the rotor circuit is controlled by SCR to control the resistor in or out. They are equipped with digital DC brake, networked operating desk, upper monitor computer. Photoelectric encoder are installed on the main shaft of winder to monitor the depth and speed signal.


rope-cage-mine-shaft-hoist-winder-underground-mine-inclined-shaft-vertical-shaft-helius-tech serena

For vertical shaft lifting process, we can customize all kinds of cages to meet the actual requirements with years of experience. For different type of mines, there are different cages, it can be divided into the coal mine cage and metallurgical cage.

*According to numbers of rope, it can be divided into single rope cage, double rope cage and multi-rope cage.

*According to the numbers of layer in cage, it can be divided into single layer cage, double layer cage and multi-layer cage.

*According to cage guide, it can be divided into cage of steel-rope cage guide and cage of rigid cage guide.