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Chengdu Helius Tech Co.,Ltd has developed professional exploration consulting knowledge and service system based on abundant project experience and large number of expert members team, which could help mining investors reduce risk, cut costs and shorten the duration by establishing value forecast modeling from exploration stage’s resources evaluation to production stage.

3D Geological Modeling

By developing and using professional and advanced software, Chengdu Helius Tech Co.,Ltd is able to illustrate the geological and tectonic of the mine deposit into a dynamic 3D geological model. Our tools include the mainstream of software and experience database, and the two development of the self-built data analysis basis. The modeling process which combines 3D and 2D data, real-time and fast to the exploration target evaluation (area to deposit, and ore grade) evaluation of distributed control and evaluation of geological and hydrological geology stability control. These tools and experiences ensure that we can quickly and seamlessly apply the results of exploration to resources and reserves estimation, mining planning and exploration target generation. The history of exploration and mining data applied to geological ore distribution control using geological parameter assessment of 2D and GIS data fusion 3D environment terrain modeling and 3D exploration target 3D generation model, rather than just the grade of surrounding rock, resource modeling, geotechnical and hydrological modeling.

Resource Modeling& Estimation of Reserves

The use of a wealth of experience and innovative ways to increase the value of the mineral. Our geologists have extensive experience in field exploration, data management, resource estimation, quality control and conditional simulation. No matter in the reconnaissance phase or project feasibility research, production stage, we can provide comprehensive technical support for you. Our resource estimation methods are based on our extensive experience in structural geology, mineral deposit geology, and geographical statistics.

Resource estimates for each project are tailored, and the specific steps include:

• To evaluate the quantity and quality of the existing data, including database management and verification.

• Establishment of 2D and 3D model for ore body geology and mineralization.

• Statistical and geological analysis of the data and the determination of the most appropriate grade and density interpolation method.

• Resources are classified and reported according to the international certification standards.

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