Electrohydraulic Knife Gate Valve

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Model: EKGV273X-2.5/6/10/16

Introduction of Electrohydraulic Knife Gate Valve

The electrohydraulic knife gate valve is a kind of valve form, adopted motor driven hydraulic oil that acts on rod and moves up and down movement. Its main features are: The valve plate can run steady when the valve is opened or closed; Moreover, the power of hydraulic pressure is great, then this hydraulic valve is extremely effective when it is used in installing under great resistance. A distribution box is needed to control the hydraulic motor of the hydraulic head, when the installation happens. Besides, two travel switches needs to install on valve support up and down and a touch rod should be installed on valve plate. When the valve is opened(press the start button on distribution box), the valve plate goes up, and the valve will stop automatically when the rod touches travel switch of the top; When the valve is shut down(press the stop button on distribution box), the valve plate will move down, and the valve will stop automatically when the rod touches travel switch of the bottom. The voltage of the hydraulic motor is 380V.

Materials of each valve part:

* Valve body: Clip-on cast steel valve body, and SS304 stainless steel in the nominal diameter;

* Valve plate: SS304 stainless steel;

* Valve seat sealing face: Hard seal plus soft seal, and soft seal is silica gel;

* Upper seal: PTFE Packing;

* Packing gland&packing plate: Cast steel;

* Electric-hydraulic drive: adopted the latest Integrated oil pump valve block and rapid cut off self-lock function. Stable switch, maintain pressure at any position of the stroke and reliable arbitrary adjustment and control;

* Remote local conversion control box: use low voltage control that can realize the conversion between central control and local control. It is given on/off and stop functions, pressing stop button can make valve plate stop in any position and it also can realize manual adjustment function. The valve installed with limit switch, which can realize automatic power off function. The device adopt not less than the same Schneider’s product.

* Electric motor: AC 380V