Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

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Model: PKGV673X-2.5/6/10/16

Introduction of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

The PKGV pneumatic knife gate valve is mainly applied to the required rapid two way switch control pipeline, which needs 3-10 seconds of opening and closing time. Working Air pressure of PKGV should be above 0.6Mpa, otherwise the valve plate will not move or move slowly. This valve’s suitable medium is the same as manual knife gate valve’s. The upper body of the valve is a pneumatic, therefore, installation position should be reserved in advance, valve should be installed vertically and the maximum tilt angle can’t exceed 45 degrees. Besides, the valve must be installed in tilt and make a support for the cylinder when valve size comes large.

The actuator of the pneumatic knife gate valve is, two types for selection, a triplet connected by cylinder+a three-position four-way valve or a triplet connected by cylinder+a solenoid valve. There is a distinction for selecting a solenoid valve (DC 24V or AC 220V).

Materials of each valve part:

1. Valve body: Clip-on cast steel valve body, and SS304 stainless steel in the nominal diameter;

2. Valve plate: SS304 stainless steel;

3. Valve seat sealing face: Hard seal plus soft seal, and soft seal is silica gel;

4. Upper seal: PTFE Packing;

5. Steel cylinder: Steel barrel&upper and bottom covers: Q235, piston&axis: 45# steel;

6. Packing gland&packing plate: Cast steel.