Personal Information

Feng Yunduan, male, Master's degree graduate, intermediate geological engineer.Engaged in solid mineral exploration for 8 years.

1.Site inspection and evaluation of dozens of mines and investment projects at home and abroad, Geo-economic and technical evaluation of the project and verification of feasibilitystudies has a wealth of experience.

2.Participated in numerous geological exploration work of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic,Familiar with geophysical geochemical exploration drilling and other geological work, and at the same time have a mine working experience.

3.In overseas countries engaged in the project initiation, planning, personnel planning, project supervision, investment, risk assessment, due diligence, etc.

4.Has a strong social social skills, in the geological survey, assessment, design and other mineral industry has accumulated a large number of contacts, can independently set up technical and risk assessment team.

5.Long-term plateau and African work cast a strong physique.

Education background

March2013—June 2016

Chengdu University of Technology|Geology|master's degree


Chengdu University of Technolog|Geochemistry|Undergaduate

Project Experience (part)

sichuan province, the gold plate mining co., LTD | vice president

1. Mine enterprises due diligence and acquisition, site inspection projects, the feasibility study report prepared.

2. Analysis of mining enterprise cost and valuation:Mineral resources and recoverable reserves estimation and audit,Mining Assets Valuation and Valuation,Estimation and audit of capital and working capital,Mining demand,Capital expenditure; production costs; market and transportation.

3. Design and supervision of exploration projects:The entire exploration process for strict supervision and control,Timely to the scene to solve practical problems.

4. Mineral rights and various types of contract negotiations

Mine bureau of sichuan province|Geological exploration/processing/mining

1. in the evaluation of three rare resources in sichuan province from 2012 to 2014 in the project, as project technical backbone, in yajiang county methyl granite type rare metal key authentication card periphery area, new found a large vein spodumene, for the world's largest spodumene ore deposit.

2. Africa Madagascar Gold Project

Primary geological exploration work, risk investment evaluation

3. Africa Morocco Marble Project

Position: Project technical responsibility, risk assessment, geological exploration, import and export trade.

Chengdu mondial group|Geologicalexploration/processing/Mining

1. Tibet Shigatse copper look-ahead, Census;Xinjiang, Qinghe County, Sabie, according to pull, antimony to Kebay, Ayurdah three mine pre-investigation, census work; Sichuan Danba Yu iron ore pre-investigation work position:Geophysical exploration, geophysical exploration and other geological exploration work, on-site technical supervision

2. Domestic large and medium - sized non - ferrous metals, coal and non - metallic mineral projects inspection Position: Project site inspection, feasibility study

3. Australia Nonferrous Metal Project (Australia Project Team) position:Target screening, data collection, translation, railway, highway, shipping costing

September 2009—up to now

Earth Gold Mining Company overseas projects

As a technology responsible, mainlydue diligence and acquisitionon overseas projects.

It mainly includes copper mine project in Nandola Copper Mine of Zambia, emerald project, Cameroon gold project, Kilumbei copper mine project in Uganda, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and so on. It is responsible for preliminary exploration and project investigation. Project due diligence and acquisition report.

As the Jingxin Mining Xigaze Gaduopule copper polymetallic ore project Technical Adviser

Sichuan Mining Industry Co., Ltd Technical Adviser

May 2010—September2014

Comprehensive research and focus on evaluation of three rare resources in Sichuan province

As a project manager and technical backbone, in three key evaluation of sparse resources project in Sichuan province, yajiang methyl card external granite-type keyverification area of rare metals working, responsible for project management andthe exploration and drilling work.

July 2011—April 2012

Africa Madagascar Gold Mine Project

Duty description:Project Responsibilities:project manager,

The project will be evaluated and evaluated on geological and economic technology. At the same time, the progress and quality of exploration project will be tracked, staffing and logistic management will be ensured, and the communication and handling of local relations will be coordinated.

May2010—May 2011

Africa Morocco Marble Project

Duty decription:Responsible for the project, responsible for the project's exploration technology and investment risk assessment, management and follow-up of project progress, quality, staffing and logistics, coordination of external communication, dealing with local relations and other issues, and responsible for the late team Formation. However, due to political instability in Morocco, the project shelved.