Personal Information

Name: Qiang Liu

Title: Mineral Processing Engineer

Education Background: Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

Major: Mineral processing engineering

Training background: Department of operation and management of China National Gold Group Corporation

Project Experience (part)

Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co., Ltd

Now - 09/2017

1.Responsible for the technical coordination between HOT and the engineering hub / equipment manufacturer / clients

2.Responsible for the preparation and perfection of all the mineral processing technology plans.

3.Responsible for the training of the mineral processing knowledge for all employees.

4.Responsible for the development and maintenance of the CIL website,

5.Participate in the implementation of some projects and on-site after-sales services.

6.Provide technical consultation on mineral processing.

7.Carry out comprehensive review and revision of the contents of mineral processing technology in all publicity materials.

Sudan Ruinan-Dosa Mining Co., Ltd

04/2015 - 08/2017

1.Assist the project manager to organize and manage the production of the heap leaching plant.

2.Responsible for the HSEC(health,safety,environment and community) work of the whole project.

3.Responsible for the smelting of gold and accept the supervision of related personals.

4.Responsible for all employees’ training of gold leaching and adsorption knowledge

5.Responsible for CIL plant construction and installation supervision.

6.From Jan 2017, I was arranged to build a new gold project as a technical manager in Tabora, Tanzania.

China National Gold Group Corporation Tuoli County Jinfu Gold Mining Co., Ltd

10/2012 - 04/2015

1.During the project construction period, participate in the blueprint audit and design optimization of equipment and facilities, and supervise the quality of construction and installation.

2.Responsible for the technical guidance and training of the mineral processing plant.

3.Responsible for the laboratory daily management and testing work.

4.Responsible for sampling and report editing of metal balance management, analyzing existing problems and putting forward the solutions.

5.Assist the production supervisor to make production schedule and transform/adjust the process/parameters.

Lao Kaiyuan Mining Sole Company Limited

08/2011 - 10/2012

1.Cooperate with supervisor to review drawings and make reasonable suggestions.

2.Participate in the management and supervision of project construction and installation.

3.Responsible for the commissioning of some equipment; participate in the organization and management of the trial production for the whole process.