Personal Information

Name: FanYuanjian

Position: Geological Prospecting Engineer

Title: Senior Engineer, Geology professor level.

Educational background: 1. Majored Geological exploration in Changchun College of Geology. 2. Earned Master of Science in Engineering, Chengdu University of Technology.

Personal achievements:

Mr Fan has engaged in exploration and research of mining geology and solid mineral resource for many years. He has rich mine management experience and prospecting experience of iron, tin, manganese, copper, lead, zinc, gold, etc.

1. Started his geological work from 1992 to early 2003.

2. Project list from 2003 to now:

2.1 Investigation Project of copper-nickel polymetallic mine in Danba-Xiaojin area, Sichuan province.

2.2 Manganese Mine in Dazhu river, Wanyuan.

2.3 General survey and detailed investigation of Wangcang Jintieguan Iron Mine.

2.4 First round general planning of mineral resources in Songpan county, Aba prefecture.

2.5 Prospecting of iron mine replaceable resources in a iron mine located in Mianning, Sichuan province. (Crisis mine project)

2.6 Detailed investigation of a iron mine in Dadingshan, Mianning county.

2.7 Detailed investigation of tin mine in Heilinzi, Mianning county

2.8 General investigation of a tin mine in Xiashanbao, Mianning county. (Commercial prospecting project)

2.9 Exploration and selection of gold and tin mineral resources in Mianning-Xide area. (Risk exploration project of provincial metallurgical geological survey bureau)

2.10 Investigation and evaluation of vanadium-titanium magnetite in the exploration area of Taihe, Shanxi .(National survey)

2.11 General planning of mineral resources in Gongbo'gyamda county, Linzhi city, Tibet province.

2.12 General planning of mineral resources in Duilong Deqing district, Lhasa city, Tibet.

2.13 The industrial index report and several reserve verification reports project of Zin, tin and copper mine in Wanlongshan mine area, Maguan county, Yunan province.

2.14 General survey of lead-zinc mine in Paoma country, Ningnan county, Sichuan.

2.15 General survey of lead-zinc mine in Yezu country, Huidong county, Sichuan. (Resources compensation fee-mineral exploration project)

2.16 General planning of mineral resources project in Panzhihua City, etc.